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Apparently wordpress has an issue with “likes” and “follows.” Liking and following too many blogs will get you into trouble. There are a couple of popular blogs they have decided to come down on, two that I know of:

http://storytimewithjohn.com/2015/01/15/rip-storytime-with-john/  link


http://aopinionatedman.com/2015/01/14/closing-harsh-reality-going-private/ link

I find this situation to be  just maddening.

I like these two blogs very much. They’ve been very kind and supportive to so many other bloggers and their presence here on WordPress has made the whole experience more pleasant.

Blogging is actually hard work. First of all you have to expose yourself to random strangers on the internet and then you have to be prepared to deal with anybody who disagrees with you or is just having a bad hair day. This can get brutal. And personal. People can be pretty nasty when they want to be. Having a supportive community of other bloggers is vitally important. The more readers you get, the more  critics you get, too.

One of the more insidious things people try to do is to get you shut down. For whatever reason, they just don’t like you, don’t like your politics, your opinions, or perhaps they have no lives of their own. Regardless, the internet is full of people threatening to get you shut down, threatening to complain about you, threatening to dox you. Support forums are full of people complaining about other bloggers for whatever reason. I hate seeing this kind of behavior. We need to support each other or respectfully just agree to disagree.

Anyway, I love WordPress and unless they kick me out, I plan to remain here. Should it ever not work out however, I am also insanitybytes22 on Blogger.