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The other day I mentioned three way marriages and the splicing of DNA to create three way designer humans for these marriages.

So first for anyone who wants more information, here is a link to the phenomenon of 3 way marriage from Brazil. Here it is again in Massachusetts involving a lesbian “throuple.” Here’s another article discussing the triad trend.

Right on cue, we are now moving towards creating designer babies for these unconventional families. We are seeking FDA approval for splicing 3 way genes “with the goal of preventing mothers from passing on debilitating genetic diseases to their children,” but everyone pretty much understands where this is leading. It’s simply human nature.

Naturally I do not intend to oppress, offend, or inhibit anyone’s freedom by speaking of these things, but yes,  what we are starting to see come to fruition  was a concern that began decades ago. Gender roles between men and women started evolving, marriage rates began declining, the entire definition of marriage began to change, homosexuality began to be perceived as something you were born with, and gender became nothing more than a social construct.

The last few decades have involved some major tinkering with social and cultural biology and people have had many concerns about how this will all impact humankind in general. Needless to say, it can be a bit risky to alter the entire biological equation so rapidly, with little thought to the impact or long term consequences.

We decided we should have the right to design not only families, but the nature of reproduction itself, in whatever manner we so choose. The ethics or lack thereof, can get rather complex because these are issues we don’t fully understand yet. Recently we had a lesbian couple suing because they felt like their mixed child had caused them an inconvenience. They had selected a white baby and like it or not, human children are not like a purchase you can return at the exchange counter if they turn out not to be to your liking. How is that kid going to feel knowing his parents sued the sperm bank because of his alleged defective genes?

Traditional marriage has rather profound religious and spiritual connections for me, as do relationships between men and women, in ways I don’t even fully understand myself, but violating the sacred nature of that institution has been worrisome to me for some time. It’s a difficult issue because people always assume you must just be a bigot trying to deprive people of their marriage equality and freedom. No, it’s far more complicated then that, it has to do with the interconnectedness of events, cause and effect, and how it will all impact several other aspects of our culture.

Like it or not, it’s now a brave new world.