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So, a rather attractive topless woman attempted to steal the baby Jesus from the nativity set in St. Peter’s Square on Christmas Day.  She was one of the Femen protesters that originated in the Ukraine.

That is not uncommon believe it or not, apparently many people are seeking the baby Jesus, because He often goes missing where I live, too. Sadly our protesters are not nearly as attractive. Also it’s rather cold here, so they aren’t likely to go topless at Christmas time.

You’ll have to forgive me, this post is a bit tongue in cheek, but what else is one supposed to do in a world gone mad? The poor Vatican guard is trying so hard not to smirk and likely thinking he has just won the lottery. It’s being video taped too, so all his friends will get to see it, even better.

I am a girl, so when I am looking at a topless woman…..I really am reading the words written there. She had “God is woman” written across her chest. This is not an uncommon idea among feminists, so I’m familiar with it. The details as to why Femen wants people to know this remains a mystery to me.

God is not a woman. There are many logical and scriptural arguments to be made that prove that.  Also our brains can hardly even conceive of God without instantly trying to define Him in terms of gender, appearance, all these physical characteristics we must use to identify the world around us. Needless to say, God exists beyond the world around us, beyond our own brain’s ability to even perceive Him properly.

But never mind all that. God is not a woman because I know the nature of women very well. Not only is God not a woman, you would not want Him to be. I’m terribly sorry if that sounds sexist, but it is what it is.

Women are awesome, wonderful, fearfully made. We’re also quite destructive when we’re ticked off. We know God is not a woman because God warned Noah of the flood, gave him decades to build an ark, patiently showed him how to gather the animals. If God had been a woman, she would still, to this day, be raining her fury down on the Earth.

She would not have just destroyed the world, she would have then destroyed anything that reminded her of the world, and any friends of the world, or anyone who may have once been fond of the world. Then she would have gone on facebook and viciously unfriended several people while sending out dozens of hostile tweets to random strangers. Chances are pretty good she would have started sexting people’s husbands too, while making prank calls to 911 requesting a welfare check for all her enemies. If she were still able to think rationally at this point, she probably would quite cleverly make a few anonymous phone calls to both the DEA and IRS.

Shocking I know. Yeah, like nobody’s ever seen that happen before. As if women are all about unicorns and fairies and peace and justice and fairness for all.

Of course, in the politically correct world of today, one must never speak of such things. Women are all love and light and fluffy bunnies and never, ever, responsible for anything we do. Any bad you may encounter in women is always the fault of some oppression usually caused by men or corporations or people who hate the environment or perhaps even the baby Jesus, but never simply the nature of women in all our raging glory.

If women are angry and scared too, we are more then capable of decimating families, of divorcing men, of doing everything we can to keep their children away from them, of driving wedges and involving the family court system, of completely laying waste to all common sense, compassion, and reason, with every tool at our disposal. Complete annihilation, for years..

I suspect women have these skills due to biological imperatives. That capacity for destruction serves us well when it comes to protecting our young. It helps us to defend ourselves against enemies, other women, lions, tigers, bears, anything that might threaten our particular sphere or our perceived status in the world.

Most of us don’t ever fully act on it, but we all have a power and resilience inside us that is simply astounding. It really is a gift and used properly it serves us well. Women can be very kind and gentle and never act on it. Or we can loose our fricken minds and attempt to lay waste to the perceived offense.

God is not a woman, nor would we want Him to be. Women actually get to nourish life, to raise children, to love men, there are numerous compensations and rewards for being female. Trying to create God in our image in not one of them.

It’s a bit sad, many of those who try to promote this idea that “God is woman” do so to try and advocate policies that are actually very hurtful towards women, abortion, promiscuity, gay marriage. Short term they can sound like good ideas, but the long term impact on society and on women ourselves is really quite tragic.