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Interesting couple of articles on Breitbart entitled “The Sexodus,” that deal with all my favorite things, the impending collapse of Western civilization, gender roles, relationships between men and women, redefining culture. Part one is Here, The men giving up on women and checking out of society. Part Two is Here, Dishonest feminist panic leaves male sexuality in crisis.

Ah, where to begin. Well you see, there was this perfect garden once, paradise actually, and in the cool of the evenings we walked with our Creator….We’ve strayed a wee bit ever since, until you finally arrive at the year 2014 and encounter a complete asylum totally run by psychotic clowns. It’s a bit like being trapped in the cinematic horror sequence of a video game.

First the MGTOW’s. For those who don’t know, that stands for Men Going Their Own Way. Not really interested in marriage, family, some feel as if the game is rigged, the deck is stacked against them. Some have simply lost interest. I have some sisterly affection for many of those guys. Two of my BIL’s are single, pushing 60 now, and not really looking for anybody.

Next with have the Red Pills. Ai yi yi. Those guys are a mixed bag. Some of them are likable enough and they’re not altogether wrong about many things. The other ones I’ve blogged about before, those who are big fans of pick up artistry and basically treating women as a commodity, meaningless kill points in a video game. What they don’t seem to understand is that it is the very nature of women to reflect and multiply what men give us. You treat women poorly and the next five guys she encounters are going to pay for it. “Nice guys finish last” because you yahoos taught her men were the enemy.

Now the Gamer-gate video guys. So when is it healthy to withdraw from society and immerse yourself in video games because girls are, well, girls? The nature of women hasn’t really changed for thousands of years. Video games are great fun, so is virtual reality, internet culture, and completely avoiding real life. Don’t even get me started about all the different sexual outlets many of those guys explore.

So feminism, the family court system, divorce exploitation, men having less and less control over their own lives, yes these things are all real and valid issues. There have been huge changes in the structure of our culture,  of an earthquake magnitude. There’s been an attempt to redefine masculinity and femininity, to change gender roles, to eliminate gender entirely and declare it to be nothing but a social construct anyway. Marriage has come under attack and declined dramatically. Divorce is rampant. Homosexuality is becoming not just socially acceptable, but socially desirable.

A lot of these men seem to feel as if women need to change, not unlike feminists who seem to feel as if men need to change. The thing is, waiting for somebody else to change is how you hand your power away. That’s how you relinquish control. That’s how you forfeit leadership. That’s how you start to develop a dependency on victim hood. Many of these men sound just like feminists, except with the genders reversed.

In the midst of all this chaos, this competition for separatism, is the obvious fact that the two genders really do live in complete symbiosis, in more significant ways then many people are fully aware of. The implications of men and women apart are huge. My biggest concern at the moment is that this is the path towards eventual totalitarianism and one world government. When men are portrayed as the enemy often enough, many women will turn towards the government for protection. When men simply make themselves scarce, many women turn towards the government for support. Men often seek to do what they believe is pleasing to women, so now we’ve also got all these “feminist men”  advocating for more government, more centralized power.

One thing I know for sure, if we don’t get this right, it’s not going to end well for any of us.