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Okay, so there are a tiny handful of Christian men bemoaning a broken world full of fallen women, now incapable of recognizing the moral authority of men anymore, especially when it comes to matters of sexuality. Obviously women have just engaged in a kind of self spontaneous combustion, causing us to loose our minds and deny men their entitled rights to all moral authority on all issues, everywhere, always. Forever.

I happen to love to see men lead in the church, in the home, in the workplace, heck even leading people to the front door. Men in leadership are awesome. I don’t want to see less men in leadership, I want to see more.

This however, is how you forfeit all moral authority, lose the respect of women, and probably get yourself into trouble with God Himself.

From Vox Day who boldly announces:

“The reason all sane and responsible people don’t give a damn about this so-called “sex trafficking” is that the girls involved are, quite literally, asking for it.”

He eventually concludes:

“God abandons the human trash determined to go its own way and leaves it to its inevitable destruction.”

Lovely specimen, isn’t he? This is a truly epic moral authority swan dive, shot down in a flaming display of male peacockery. I’m not sure whether to clap at the artistry of the face plant or go get a broom and dustpan and start scraping him off the pavement.

See, Christ loves His fallen women and His feral sheep. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger, read the book, it explains everything. The woman at the well with five husbands, the adulteress about to be stoned, Mary Magdalene, even Christ’s own mother Mary, who had a most unconventional conception experience all of her own.

Not only did Christ not shame and condemn these women, it seems as if He may have actually favored them. It sure looks to me like He had a soft spot for fallen women, in fact He treated them pretty much like the favored daughters of a most high God, King of Kings.

Hypocrisy completely kills respect, which revokes authority. Attempting to shame women makes them harden their hearts, and now you’ve got defiance and rebellion, and a bunch of men scratching their heads in puzzlement as to why the whole thing is not working. Or complete morons like VD who just decide to try and double down on the stupid.

On a more personal note, we people really need to watch the words we speak. The world was spoken into existence with words. Words have tremendous power. It is the power of our own words that will testify for or against us. There may be some mercy there for a while, but VD is right about one thing, “God abandons the human trash determined to go it’s own way and leaves it to it’s inevitable destruction.” Look in the mirror, dude.

A little secret I learned long ago, the words we speak over others, we actually speak over ourselves. Make sure they’re good ones because they’ll testify on your behalf someday.