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In the course of atheist blogging, this idea keeps coming up that suggests “if God wants me to follow Him, He’ll prove Himself to me.” First of all, the evidence of God’s existence is all around us. For me that sounds a bit like somebody demanding the sky prove itself.

I’m not sure what language one requires God to speak to them in, but I can see evidence of Him in the synchronicity of math, in the rhythm of music, in people’s acts of sacrificial love, in the collective consciousness of humankind, in fairy tales and art and love. I can also see him in reason and logic and Greek Philosophers and in theology and scripture. Sometimes I can see him in most banal things, like kitchen sponges and missing socks in the dryer. Whatever language you speak, God speaks it too, and is more than willing to reveal Himself to you.

In the process of these discussions, this idea came to light that God should just physically appear before our eyes and show Himself. That actually made me smile simply because people just don’t understand. That would be a bit like flying too close to the sun. At the very least you’d go blind, if not just completely insane. Nobody really gets to “see God” right now while we exist in the physical, because our brains just can’t handle it. That would collapse your psyche, crush your perception of reality, and send your spirit reeling somewhere outside of your body.

Just imagine how many bits of information your brain has to process when you encounter something OF God, or catch a glimpse of the edge of God’s robe, or encounter the Holy Spirit. It’s an on-your-face-instantly experience, I assure you. Profoundly mind altering. Everything you thought you knew is gone in an instant, your concept of time, your definition of physical reality, who you think you are in the equation. Everything your brain must process is alien, foreign to it. You have to lean heavily into the Spirit there, because those little neurons in your brain simply have nothing to relate the experience to. It’s unlike any other.

Sometimes I suspect people have no idea how gentle God is with us. His intervention in our lives is like delicate brain surgery with just the right amount of anesthesia. People who are confronted with too much data at once, emotional overload or brain strain from trying to process paradoxical ideas, often develop post traumatic stress disorder and personality splits.

God is extremely gentle with us. He gives our brains time to process the data, to accept what we are perceiving. It takes a while to grow into faith, to let your mind become flexible enough that it is open and trusting. You have to be able to feel Him, to surrender to Him, to trust that He’s not going to let you fall.

Faith is a process, it requires practice. You have to embrace it and expand and grow with it. Like anything else in life, you don’t get to see the fruits before you even begin the work. It’s called a leap of faith for a reason.

Most of us who engage with atheists really aren’t trying to do battle. From my perspective the battle was already won on the cross long ago. God’s existence is not dependent on your belief in Him. It’s really simply more a case of wanting to show you Something remarkable, amazing, incredible, Something that will blow your mind and bedazzle you with the wonder of it all.