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Sometimes, when I am not peacefully wrapped in a bubble of bliss, I look about at the world and try to give myself a proper anxiety attack.

It’s like lions and tigers and bears oh my! Anyway since the Snowden revelations, the reality of these huge tech corporations merging with government power, and what it all represents, has just gotten more and more chilling everyday.

Google’s secret NSA alliance

Google signs $1.1 billion lease for Nasa hangar

Google Leads Pack As 10 Tech Firms Pump $61.15 Million Into 2013 Lobbying Efforts

I used to love a good conspiracy theory, but these aren’t conspiracy theories anymore, they don’t exist in the realm of imagination or our favorite science fiction novel, they are events unfolding right before our eyes.

It gets absolutely maddening sometimes, so few people truly understand the implications. We’re pretty much maneuvered into these alleged social justice campaigns, gay marriage! Attack the comet scientist with the shirt for his micro-aggression towards women! Sometimes it’s like watching sheep being herded in pasture. Can we address some genuine concerns here, or we are going to spend the rest of our lives gloating because we’ve bravely called out somebody over their alleged micro-bigotry?

Ironically many of our nerds, our sci/fi authors, our gamers, are busy chasing gamer-gate and pretending they can get kill points by harassing random women that float by on twitter, so there’s not much help coming from that sector either.

Sometimes I like to imagine there’s a secret underground cabal of grown ups, not easily deceived by cheap parlor tricks, not vulnerable to those little biological triggers, impervious to manipulation, who are actually paying attention, who understand the implications, who see what direction we’re heading in, and have  a plan to address it.

As much of a fan as I am of magical thinking, I know that’s not true. Snowden will spend the rest of his life in exile, and the gamer morons will continue to think red pill awareness and unplugging from the Matrix has something to do with learning how to manipulate women so you can convince them to sleep with you.

Grown ups. I dream of a world full of grown ups.