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Thank you for keeping us safe and thank you for your service.

We have miles of flags lining to road way up here in the middle of nowhere. It’s kind of fun to drive down the road right now, makes you feel like you’re in a parade. I love the organization that paints some color across this town to honor our veterans every year.

There’s lots of businesses offering free stuff for veterans this year, so don’t forget to make your rounds! Applebee’s usually does a a free dinner, Red Robin has burgers for vets. Check where you live, people really like to show their appreciation, especially with food.

Yesterday in town, while the Legion was changing flags, one got stuck, so the fire dept showed up with their ladder truck to assist. It was great fun to watch, people stepping up to direct traffic, some people joining the peanut gallery on the ground to offer “useful” advice. There were kids playing in the park nearby and you could hear their laughter. The perpetual grey sky decided to part at that exact moment, so we had a few rare moments of sunshine. It was a scene right out of a Norman Rockwell painting, comical and charming at the same time.

That’s what Veterans Day is all about, moments like that and why we have them.

grace on thee