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This is a reblog of a post I wrote last year about another so called Christian from the gamer cult. Yet another wounded lamb all puffed up in wolves clothing, leading his little flock as far away from Christ’s love as possible. This guy really ticks me off because he’s smart, so I expect better of him, as if I am not already keenly aware that intelligence and morality often have nothing to do with each other. Just the same, if you’re going to call yourself the “Voice of God” and prominently display your alleged Christian credentials, the least you can do is attempt to represent Christ properly. People actually name Vox Day and link me to his blogs as the reason why they are either atheists or feminists. Alpha Game is currently joining in with Dalrock in the mockery and ridicule of the 57 year old woman who had the audacity to say something about how she’s lonely and loves men.


This post was in response to yet another blog post from them that irritated me:


“But the results are clear. We have a society of weak men and disorderly women. And such societies are not sustainable, such societies are doomed. Unless it rejects feminism, rejects equalitarianism, and rejects multiculturalism, Western society is doomed. Nature, and Nature’s God, have already passed judgment on it.” -VD

The above statement pisses me off six ways past Sunday. For starters, this insults my husband and all the other good and honorable men I observe everyday. We do not live in a society of weak men, we live in a society of amazing men, men who risk their lives serving this country, men who build businesses from scratch, men who rise to the occasion and raise children that aren’t even theirs. Men who do not fear “disorderly women,” because they are authentic men who are so secure in their masculinity, they simply watch the disorder of women with a bemused smile on their face. Humble men who are not weak in their humility, but strong in their grace.

Somebody wise once showed that countries that have more women in government are more successful economically and have a better quality of life then those that don’t. But here’s the cincher. It’s not that women are better at governing than men, it’s that the presence of women is evidence of the quality of a country’s men. Men who have to control women are small and frightened men.

We actually do live in a sustainable society and I don’t mean the go green kind where we fight over carbon credits. I mean “sustainable” as in the type of society humankind has been seeking for hundreds of years. The human spirit has always longed to be free, always set out to create a more utopian society for ourselves. It may be fashionable at the moment to bash America, but we really are unique in the world and in world history. For all our faults, all our mistakes, we have achieved something remarkable and virtually unheard of in all of human history. We have brought together people from all over the world, different races, different religions, different politics, and we have come together and put our faith in a set of ideals. Are we all one big happy melting pot? No, we’re more like a dysfunctional family without even blood lines to hold us all together. And yet we persist. Generation after generation just keeps striving to create a better world for EVERYBODY. America and Americans are some of the most generous people on the planet, not only with our time and money, but with our dreams and hopes, too. Go to Haiti and see who is feeding the hungry. Go to Africa and see who is tending to the sick. Watch our troops pulling people out of flood waters.

“Nature, and Nature’s God, have already passed judgment on it.”  This part actually makes me ill. There are people in the world who allege to be Christians and yet seem to know nothing about the Christ they claim to serve. Over and over again we are shown God’s mercy, His love, His grace. Christ did not come to condemn the world. God did not give us the rainbow so we could fear His judgment. If anyone ever needs proof of God, there it is, Christianity has somehow managed to survive IN SPITE of the stupidity spewing from the mouths of so many pseudo Christians. “By their fruits you shall know them….” Well, some of the fruits at alpha blog have taught me that Christ sure knew what he was talking about.

So, rant over, back to Vox Day being a lost lamb. As I read this man’s words, I am reminded that to a certain extent our perceptions create our realities. It actually breaks my heart that this guy is trapped in a world of weak men, disorderly women, and a doomed society awaiting the judgment of a vengeful God. It saddens me that so many alleged Christian men hover around him like flies and yet none dare to confront him with the Truth about Christ’s love. How can you bear witness to such lies and remain silent?