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Unless one enjoys vicious  idolatrous cults that pervert both Christian values and masculine identity, one should not click on the link to Dalrock’s blog.

Dalrock, for those who don’t know, is a gamer, one of the offshoots of the men’s rights movement, a group that tends to promote male dominance in all things and the fine art of controlling women, gaming them so to speak. It’s not all bad, men need a place to vent, to find themselves, to hopefully work towards becoming better men. Besides,  the internet is big place and I am all about the freedom, even the freedom to be wrong and to express your wrongness.

My problem is when bad things are promoted under the guise of Christianity and Christ Himself is perverted, misrepresented, used as justification for one’s own dysfunction. I’ve tried to rather gently speak to some of these men, but being the most manliest of alpha men, secure in their beliefs and integrity…they tend to just vomit threats and obscenities all over themselves. Dalrock, like many others has banned me and deletes my comments.

Take Christ’s name out of the picture and you are free to roam dating sites, harass, mock and ridicule women, threaten, intimidate and abuse them, dox them, hack them. Whatever, not my business. Someone else will have to stop you. Christ however, He is my business and what is done in His name matters to me. See, when I am not chatting with atheists, I am actually roaming the internet and speaking out against some rather appalling representations of Christ and Christian values.

No wonder there are atheists in the world, seriously. If I believed Christ was all about condemnation, hatred, ridicule, and mockery, I’d flee too.

No wonder there are feminists in the world. No woman in her right mind would submit to any of that nonsense. In fact, if she were wise she’d start supporting the second amendment and get a restraining order. Women are wonderfully and fearfully made, we aren’t stupid.

You make my job harder Dalrock, because you pour fuel on the fires of both feminism and atheism, and you present a rather perverse portrayal of Christian beliefs.

You guys hurt people and one of these days your little games of psychological and emotional abuse are going to send someone over the edge and into suicide. You know what buttons to push, what triggers to access, but what you do not know is the emotional health of your targets.

This is not the behavior of men Dalrock, but rather middle school mean girls. You have the power to do a whole lot of good in the world, but if you’re going to serve darkness, please don’t do it in Christ’s name.