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I speak not of the real world of women and girls, but rather the mediated reality of pop culture. I know what women are capable of, our depth, passions, dreams, perceptions, and what we can accomplish, frequently with our magical powers of invisibility and our ninja warrior skills. Women are awesome, flaws and all.

No, I speak of the superficial presentation of women as somewhat self absorbed and shallow creatures. Perusing some of the more popular blogs, all girl blogs, is a bit like watching an endless parade of self centered vanity, cheesy craft projects, and 101 new ways to style your hair.

I don’t mean to mock….yes I do, although I sit here in the midst of a fully decoupaged house, with watermelons slices painted on my toenails, pondering whether I should hang new curtains and lamenting the fact that I am never going to find a blouse to match the odd green of my favorite skirt…

So you see,  I’m not exactly qualified to complain.

Just the same, there’s something very disturbing about knowing the world is going somewhere bad in a hand basket,  that something wicked this way comes or perhaps many wicked things, and what do we do as mediated-reality-women??

Decoupage the bathroom. Write 150 reviews about the latest eyeliner, make you tube videos about how to properly apply lipstick, fold crepe paper into little pumpkins.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with any of those things and truthfully is sure beats what some of the women-as-social-justice-warriors are engaging in. Those women simply want to smash things, the patriarchy, the gaming world, inequality, big corporations…anybody who challenges their pre-conceived notions or ideology. Smash it, crush it, erase it from the face of the Earth, it offends me.

Those women send me fleeing in anxiety back to the world of obsessive-compulsive crepe paper pumpkin folding, determined to learn 16 new ways to braid hair.

Women have been busy finding themselves for decades now. What puzzles me is, whatever led us to believe we were lost in the first place?