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pacifistIn the course of human interactions, I sometimes bump into this accusation of being dangerous. Uh oh, bad think, thought crimes, idea-shame…

I rather like the idea of being perceived as dangerous. I think I’ll add it to my repertoire of delusional, irrational, and ignorant. Now people can be afraid, be very afraid, because I am not only dangerous, I am unstable. Watch yourselves!

There’s really not much to do about it but laugh. I am not a pacifist and I’m not a doormat, but I am a rather peaceful wife, mother, grandma, and if you perceive me as a threat, you are truly a moron. I have ideas, perceptions, beliefs, and if ideas expressed rather peacefully threaten you, you should  change that label of “tolerant” to “totalitarian.”

I have pondered the idea of getting some pepper spray or perhaps a taser and blasting a few bad people. But only the bad guys, I assure you. Okay, well perhaps just a few who show some really poor manners. There’s a cashier over at the hardware store who likes to make the whole line wait while she sends a few texts out on her cell phone. I would love to just walk up and blast her with some pepper spray…..but just  in case the NSA is listening in, I have no intentions of ever actually doing it… Oh dear, I’ve just provided a motive and made it pre-meditated, haven’t I?

I really am a lawyer’s worst nightmare. Pre-emptive confessions, inability to keep my mouth shut, constantly forgets “anything you say can and will be used against you.” Oops, my bad…

Just for the record, this is not my piece of heavy equipment, this is not my photo, nor am I advocating that we actually bury people in our backyards. I just thought it was kind of cute, because you know, digging by hand is a lot of work.