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I love science. I love the magic and wonder of experimentation, the patterns and atomsmusic entwined in math. I love synchronicity, the way events line up and repeat themselves. I love probability and the rules of randomness and the not so contradictory order that can be found in chaos. I love physics and quantum mechanics and rabbit holes and ideas that screw with my head.

My father was a physicist and our time together was limited, but he still managed to hand me some wisdom. He loved to mess with my head, to play games, to supply me with endless riddles to solve. He could do equations the old fashioned way, written in the margins of notebooks. He once rattled my cage by suggesting that perhaps we were all dead and this life we think we perceive is really death. Perhaps WE are the ghosts in this story.

Time really is not linear. How we perceive time as humans is limited. We have days and nights, seasons, a beginning and an end. We are trapped in our own world of time, but in another realm, time is circular and fluid and suspended simultaneously. And oh yes, there is another realm, perhaps even multiple realms.

Perception is also not reality. Our human brains are really very limited in how we interpret events around us. We are influenced by our emotions, our biases, and the patterns we’ve laid down in our brains. Dogs can hear sounds that we cannot. Until the invention of microscopes, we hardly realized there was an entire tiny universe at work in the world. There is magic and mystery and madness in this world that we have only just begun to understand. Most of it we are simply incapable of even perceiving.

1781893_945529585474256_997912860_nIt grieves me that Science is now being presented as an Institution, rather than a study of the world around us. These days science is viewed as being in opposition to God, as if Science itself were the alternative religion. Today people demand evidence to prove the existence of God, but insist we view science as a matter of faith and belief. We have it all bass akwards once again.

I love science because science is where God lives. You can find His hand in the patterns and the synchronicity. You can hear His music all over Creation. Science is God’s game and He plays it very well. And just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, he changes the rules on you…..and delights you with His magic.