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I encountered a couple of girl bloggers who were rather bravely confessing to some of the worst things they’ve done to men in the name of love and found it to be a bit humorous. We’re all older and wiser now and our relationships have somehow survived 20-30-40 years.

There’s a feminist meme that likes to portray all men as potentially violent, all women as passive victims. I don’t like this meme because it’s dishonest and untrue. Women are just as capable as men of being violent and abusive, even if due to our smaller size, we tend to inflict less damage. Physics aside, women can possess all the same rage and frustration and irrationality, especially when it comes to love.

Myself, I used to throw teacups and lawn chairs, with all the accuracy of a really good softball pitcher. I’m very good at hand to hand combat… from a distance so I can get a good head start. I’m not stupid.

A woman I know called me up once to make sure her husband was okay. When I got there he’d been drinking and was out cold on the floor. She literally wanted to know if I thought it was the alcohol or the fact that she had hit him in the back of the head with a piece of firewood. She was quite concerned he was going to wake up mad. You don’t say! I assured her we couldn’t just dispose of the body to avoid any inconvenience and she really needed to get him checked out.

Hubby and I watched a woman throw this guy’s clothes out into the street and pour motor oil on them. Then she tried to light them on fire. I seriously considered going over and offering her a can of gasoline instead, but that would be wrong. They made up and we then watched her pack his clothes back into the house, hopefully to wash them. I thought about going over and offering her a bottle of Tide but that would also be wrong.

An older woman I know who has been married 50+ years, whacked her hubby upside the head with a block of cheese and he fell down and broke a hip.

The woman who used to live behind me tried to run over her boyfriend, before finally backing over her boyfriend’s foot with her car. Twice.

So why do I tell these tales? Because the world has gotten far too serious about so called “social justice.” Human beings are irrational, we’re passionate, and there’s a rather thin line between love and hate. Stuff happens. Live and learn. Forgive yourself. Move on. We’re all huddled around our televisions waiting for the NFL to define morality for us. That in itself is nearly as crazy as the behavior we’re trying to publically condemn.

For those who really do live in a trailer park, don’t put yourselves down. There’s more scandal and stupidity going on in the US Congress then you can even imagine. They make the NFL look tame.