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behaviorI love this picture, it always puts things back into perspective for me, especially when it comes to writing.

Everyone craves justice, the world can be a terribly unfair place. Sometimes it looks as if the bad guys just keep winning. I’ve found that not to be true however, not from a spiritual perspective. There is a kind of built in justice in this world, that’s sometimes hard to spot, but it’s there. Some people call it karma. Natural consequences. To  every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Time eventually wounds all heels.

Long ago there was this guy who was a terrible bully, arrogant, mean spirited. At a football game I finally just had enough of the pretentious little jerk, and prayed as hard as I could, “Smote him Lord, flatten him into smithereens. Wipe him off the face of the Earth, make him suffer.” I kid you not the guy fell down right in front of me and had a seizure. I was instantly contrite, spiritually hysterical, if you will. “Lord, I retract that, I didn’t mean it. You wouldn’t give me that power would you? I’m not morally equipped to handle it! Lord, I’d kill people on a whim. I have a list!”

It’s a bit amusing to remember, but the lesson there was a serious one. Don’t wish ill on people, don’t hate, don’t despair and try to take justice into your own hands. You’ll suffer far more than they will. Forgiveness is the fastest way to set yourself free.

The best revenge is to live long enough to tell the tale.