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The Beautiful People is a term a woman coined for the morally self righteous, well in my world
off trustifarians who inhabit the area where I live. Politically Left or Right, doesn’t matter, they drip pretentiousness without even being aware of it. Some call themselves Christians, some don’t. It’s not their politics, their religion, or their belief system that offends, so much as their attitude. Religious or not, they have that religious spirit that just makes you want to shake them back into the real world. The elite. Those of us who have spent a lifetime on the  outside looking in call them The Beautiful People. It’s not a compliment.

To add an extra layer of offense, The Beautiful People like to visit poverty as if it were a lifestyle choice, an accessory to be worn to give you street credentials, like bling. They sip 5 dollar lattes in Starbucks and lecture you about how committed they are to the environment and how you ought to convert to the cause of Simple Living so as to reduce your carbon footprint. The other political version, like to sip 5 dollar lattes at Starbucks and preach to you about the poor choices poor people make, and how if people just made better choices they wouldn’t be poor. They cluck to themselves self righteously, a bit like Job’s friends, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar, not sure whether to feel contempt or pity for the less fortunate, but certain that people’s issues are caused by the fact that they’re probably just immoral or something.

mad as a hatterIt’s a type of classism, it’s rampant here, and it trickles all the way down into the trailer park. Rather than being cosmopolitan, we’re cliquish, pretentious, and territorial. At a church picnic it is not uncommon to over hear the words, “I’m so glad we don’t have those kind of people at our church.” Those kind of people. In the grocery store you will hear women cluck disapprovingly, “we don’t associate with those kind of people.” In front of city hall, somebody declared, “we’re doing it for your kind!” Your kind of people. The Othered.

Othering, ostracizing, bullying. We’re big fans of it in this neck of the world. People smile to your face but they stab you in the back. Frequently. There’s also not a whole lot of excitement around here, so some people have made a career out of it. Gossip is a huge weapon and it does a lot of damage, causes a great deal of misery. Men do it too, but much of it comes from women. Women can be simply astounding in the lengths they will go to tear people down.

In case it is not yet obvious, I don’t do so well with The Beautiful People. I prefer the company of the broken ones, the Othered. People who have been broken have a humility to them and a strength that I find far more appealing. I can see Christ’s reflection in their healed parts and that’s what draws me to them. Non believers may balk at this, but sometimes Christ has left His footprint all over you and sometimes I cannot find evidence of Him anywhere in a devout Christian.

I don’t even pretend to understand who God favors or why, or who is going to heaven or hell, or what your position will be once you get there, so any fears of condemnation or judgment aren’t coming from me personally. I’m all about the mercy and redemption.