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Search engine terms, how people found you on Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc, can be a Cats-are-ninjas-cats-18104173-400-320great lesson in humility and good humor. Some people actually make a career out of teaching people how to optimize their search engine results, something that I tend to completely ignore.

Anyway, it can be a bit amusing to see what terms people searched for when they stumbled upon your blog. It’s kind of like a peek into the human subconscious and how the robots interpreted it.  LOL, I don’t actually know who found me or how, so your secrets are safe with me. I can just see some common phrases that repeat themselves.

So, my number one search term of all time:

Are Women Insane Why, yes we are! Thanks Google, for sending people to my  blog for verification of this fact. Much appreciated.

Next we have,

Seeing Things That Aren’t There Absolutely. Delusions are practically a requirement for crazy people. 

Can men have power in relationships. Sadly, no. I’m terribly sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but when you try to have a relationship with a crazy person, you must relinquish all power. (For the snark challenged, that’s a bit of sarcasm. In truth, this one made me kind of sad.)

Why do feminists ignore biology? Honestly, I don’t know, but I’m glad somebody else in the world has noticed this, too. That observation is what lead me to start this blog.

Does water flow. Mostly yes, unless you freeze it. Frozen water doesn’t like to flow. Aren’t you glad you visited this number one rated science blog?

There are many more, but I’ll spare you. Lastly my favorite,

people who can see the beauty in things. Ahhh, search engine bot, I love you. That’s me alright, but I suffer from a special kind of twisted aestheticism. I love the hidden beauty that lies beneath the surface of things and often requires a leap of faith to see.

Regardless of how you found me, thanks to all the people who read and comment. Your perspective is much needed and appreciated.