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This one actually had some signs of intelligent life behind it, so I post it rather respectfully. It comes from Dahakha in a comment on Feminist Reflections.

“Okay, that’s it. I’ve spent the last half an hour reading these posts with incredulous pity of your ridiculous inferences, bad logic and warped worldview, but this was the last straw. There is no room for dissent or differing opinions within feminism? Bullshit. Complete, utter, irrevocable bullshit. You are unashamedly lying, and that is not cool. One of the battles feminism is dealing with is the fact that there are so many different factions, with their own foci and their own biases. You would know this if you actually got out there and did some gorram research rather than parrot conservative and MRA talking points. I’m going to stop there, before my rage at willful ignorance and/or stupidity gets out of hand. If you want to wallow in it, fine, but don’t propagate outright lies about people who are doing good work in the world. It’s disgusting.”

Well I’m feeing all warm and fuzzy in the welcoming embrace of the Sisterhood already! How kind of you to be so accepting of someone with a warped worldview, bad logic, and a disgusting propensity for propagating outright lies.

The reference to gorram research was kind of cute. Seriously, I mean no mockery, it was cute. I am always kind of charmed by creative cursing, rather then the ordinary vulgar kind I generally receive while seeking my conservative and MRA talking points to parrot. There are a few MRA’s I enjoy reading, but for the most part I avoid them as much as possible on account of the fact that they tend to declare every woman on the planet, including me, sea-worthy or C-worthy, if you get my drift. If they ever expand their vocabulary to include three or four other adjectives, I’d be more than willing to have a discussion with them.

As to collecting my conservative talking points, that presents another challenge. If I go too far Right in my attempts to contact the conservative mothership, I am quickly labeled a jezebel prophetess, one they promise to either shoot out right or stuff in a wood chipper, once the zombie apocalypse is upon us. You probably think I jest. I do not. The far Right is about as loopy as the far Left.

As to all the factions within feminism and their multiple foci and biases, I’m going to refute that. There are different levels of confusion and multiple layers of good intentions, but feminism is flat out about female chauvinism and gender superiority. It is also an incredibly authoritarian thing that eventually will progress into full blown totalitarianism. All will go well for you within the matriarchy as long as you comply and parrot the correct ideology. So much as consider the possibility of thinking for yourself  or challenging dogma, and you will quickly be shamed, ridiculed, and mocked right out of the girl-club. That is the nature of women, it is what we do to those who we perceive as suffering from “bad logic and a warped worldview.” If it stopped at simply kicking you out of the girl-club and expressing disgust, like your comment so graciously did, that might be okay. In my experience however, it doesn’t work that way. Those who challenge the dominant belief systems of the girl- world, must be destroyed, completely annihilated for their unforgivable failure to validate the proper worldview.

I pray I’m wrong, but I fear I’m not. Feel free to surprise me however, I rather enjoy being wrong.

Cheers and peace to you and yours.