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My father used to say, “sometimes you just have to watch the world go by in all it’s angst and misery.” I suppose that’s why little old men enjoy spending hours sitting on the porch watching people walk by.

I seldom run out of words, just ask my husband, but this is one of those melancholy gray days, the air heavy with the weight of unspent thunder and the world is busy marching it’s way to self destruction. I know with absolute certainty that this too shall pass. All will be well.

The other humans get on my nerves sometimes, I can’t understand why they insist on doing the same stupid things, over and over again. When I get tired of the repetitive stupidity of human behavior, I sometimes imagine what it must be like for God. He’s been watching this parade a lot longer than I have.Thankfully He is infinitely patient and able to see our higher selves far better than we are. Sometimes  people manage to forget we even have higher selves. God never forgets and He is in it for the long haul. I’m grateful, I would have thrown in the towel long ago.