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Naked Artichokes did a post called “What Feminism Means to Me,” objecting to a Buzzfeed article called, “15 Women Say Why They Don’t Need Feminism.”

I used to be a pretty good feminist, but I rejected it all when I started to see how harmful feminism has been for women. We think we’re creating equality, better lives for women, but we’re a bit myopic, unable to see the bigger picture. We seek to dismantle patriarchy as if patriarchy were the root of all evil and we fail to respect it as an institution that has contributed greatly to the kind of society we now live in. Equality really is a fool’s errand, especially when equality would actually be a step down for women. We are biologically valuable to the equation, superior even, and equality seeks to deny that, to actually reduce our standing in the equation. Feminism fails on many levels, but one is it’s inherent inability to empathize with men. One of the foundational concepts of feminism is that men are oppressors, hogging all the resources, so if we just lower men’s status in the world, regulate and control them, socially engineer a different version of men, women will reap all these benefits. The exact opposite is often true, strengthen the men and the quality of women’s lives will improve also.

One thing that stood out for me in the Buzzfeed article was how so many women did not embrace feminism because they did not want to perceive themselves as chronic victims. Oh, amen to that. Feminism has a way of robbing us of our autonomy, of teaching us to walk as perpetual victims. That is position of weakness, not strength, and it actually demeans who we are as women.

I love women and seek to improve the quality of our lives, but as much as I love women there is one other group that loves us even more, and that is men. There is a huge deception woven into feminism that seeks to deny that, but it is simple and irrefutable biology. Individual men may claim to hate us, some men’s evil actions may lead us to believe we are hated, but biology wins the game every time. Men as a species are tied to us in a kind of symbiosis that forces them to seek us out, to protect us, to strive to create a better world for us.