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Over at Knowledge Guild, they’ve reminded me about realism, this concept
in art where you try to portray things as they really are or in philosophy
where you remove yourself from the equation and establish some objective
truths. I’m reminded once again that I simply don’t believe in realism. There
is no such thing. We’re all trapped here in subjective reality, limited by what
our human brains are capable of perceiving. What some perceive as realism is
simply another illusion, a projection. Many modern Christians and atheists
tend to be heavily invested in realism. Absolute Truth! Objective reality!
People need edges in their world, order in their chaos. We tend to be linear
thinkers, we like things tidy.

God however, is a God of paradoxes and conundrums. He smiles at our version of
of objective reality and says…now go walk on water. Rebuke the wind. Love the
unlovable. Believe the impossible.

Yesterday I stepped out side, looked up, and right over my head was
the most perfect heart shaped cloud, fluffy like cotton
candy and dusted with pink blush. It was so perfect, it was surreal.

I pointed it out to some people, but they were like, “meh, it’s just a cloud,
a random formation of water vapor, coincidentally shaped like a perfect
heart. Happens all the time.” Except, no it doesn’t. Not with that kind of
synchronicity, not right over my head, framed with a blue sky and snow capped
mountains. Not blushed pink as if it had been deliberately painted by an artist
and placed there just for us to enjoy.

And yet those without eyes could not see it, could not feel it, refused to
delight in it. This is a riddle that puzzled me for years. Why do some people
have the eyes to see and the ears to hear and yet others do not? Why do some people
survive atrocities relatively intact, while others plunge into self destruction?
Why do some people delight in every breathless moment while others seem to believe
they’ve been sent to a penal colony on a hostile planet?

We make excuses, claim that some people have had a rough
start in life, were denied opportunities, experienced too much trauma. We
act as if people are just victims of their circumstances, responding in
completely predictable ways, and yet that is not the whole story either.

In physics there really is no such thing as darkness. Take away the light
and you’re not left with a substance, a spectrum, a color, you’re left with a
void. Darkness is simply the absence of light. Beware however, there are
dark things in dark places.

It’s feels unfair that some people cannot see the light. It feels unfair that
some people survive and others destroy themselves. It’s like playing favorites.
It feels unjust and leaves one pinged by survivor’s guilt and asking, why me and
not them?

In Truth I can now say with absolute conviction, it is the most brilliantly designed
system of perfect justice, of fairness, of equality, of equal opportunity. Here is the
light, walk towards it or exist outside of it. There are no favorites, your circumstances
are irrelevant, here is light, here is darkness. Choose. Choose over and over again,
every single day, eyes to see and ears to hear.

Surrender, and I’ll hang stars in the sky for you, paint you heart shaped clouds,
and keep you bedazzled and madly in love with the wonder of it all.


Waving hello to Ada over there on Plain Pathways to Him.