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piratesSo, I’ve now heard and read a great deal about people wounded by the church. I’ve consumed
volumes of blogs and spent hours IRL listening to stories about the horrors of abuse, the
vileness of the church, and the evils allegedly inherent in Christianity.

I grew up with similar stories, at the hands of some very radical atheists who believed if they
could rid the world of religion, we’d have peace on Earth. I now live in the bluest county
of a blue state, so liberal our brains really have fallen out, and speaking of the evils of
Christianity is a local past time.

My question today is, so does no one live in the secular world?? Why do we focus on the horrors
of the church and completely ignore this place? There’s a rather frightening trend that seems to
imply that the church is evil and more of the secular world is the cure.

So let me speak to you of the secular world for a moment, of the insanity and chaos that can
be found there. We have abusive people in our public schools, people so protected by their
teacher’s unions that rather than being held accountable, they are often simply transferred
to another district, to a whole new set of potential victims. Both men and women. Sending
your children to them is often mandatory, compulsory, and non compliance can be quite a battle.

We have an entertainment industry in Hollywood, where sexual abuse and rape is so prevalent,
it’s simply a way of life. Victims speak out but they are not heard or worse, they are persecuted
themselves. Woody Allen and Roman Polanski come to mind. Who can ever forget Whoopi Goldberg
on The View explaining to us the difference between rape and “rape-rape.” Who you are politically,
how we feel about you in the popular culture, determines your guilt or innocence, not your actions.

We have a child and family court system that is so bass akwards, the only consistency to be found
lies in the fact that they can be counted on to make that child’s life worse. I’ve ceased to try
and understand what motivates them to destroy intact families while putting pedophiles in our
foster homes and than funneling broken children to them. The stupid is so strong here, it defies
my comprehension. My state’s treatment of children is so bad, it ranks 49th in the country.
Alerting this paragon of virtue to the existence of vulnerable children is also mandatory
and you can be prosecuted for failing to do it.

We have a political system were being a congressional page or an intern is nearly a code for
collateral damage. Some of our most beloved politicians have left women to drown under bridges,
their bodies to be found in closets, or gone toe tapping in the men’s room. Much like Hollywood’s
approach, in the political realm, your guilt or innocence is determined by popular opinion, not
by your actions or your deeds.

Pedophiles, rapists, murderers, aren’t just protected and defended in the secular world,
they’re often well funded with tax dollars and endlessly praised and protected by their
fan base.

Heaven help you if you ever try to speak out against any of these power structures within the
secular world. They do not like to be challenged and they will come after you relentlessly and
viciously. They hold all the cards and they’re more than capable of shutting you up. I don’t
fear criticizing the church at all, but my courage has been seriously tested when trying to
speak truth to power in the secular world. It’s simply not done by anyone with a desire for
self preservation.

One of the largest expenses for the Catholic church is paying out child support and sexual abuse
claims. I get that, that’s an appalling reality, but they are paying some bills for some of the
damage they’ve done. In the secular world, it is often perceived as more cost effective to simply
rid the world of the one causing the expense. Think about that for a minute.

Those who wish to hand more power over to the secular world as if that will provide protection,
know not what they do. The secular world is a bit like jumping out of the frying pan and landing
in the fire. Don’t be deceived.
sleeping beauty