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Today I’d like to recognize Richard Dawkins, 73, devout atheist whose irrationality is ageing like fine scotch in an old wooden barrel. Last week he mentioned that he was a secular Christian, due to his apparent longing for the ritual and fellowship aspects of Christianity. Today he makes a statement about how teaching kids about Christmas and Santa Claus is harmful to them.

If wishes were horses than beggars could ride. I wish I could wrap Dawkins in my insanely mad world, a world of fairytales and fantasies, of art and music, of mysteries and magic, of the higher selves of men. A world full of red potions and rabbit holes and Alice in wonderland logic, where you learn that you do not know what you think you know. Ration, reason, objective reality, are all highly over rated illusions we project upon ourselves.

I’d like to wrap him in my world, but he’s already there. What fascinates me so much about Dawkins is that he already orbits around in Wonderland, he just refuses to see the magic and the beauty. What he perceives as reality is simply his own resistance.

magical place