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What we have in the Western world instead is a bit more like
the Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball kind of feminism. It’s overtly sexual,
strangely perverse, and based on this concept that when men have power,
women do not. Rather than the two genders living in a kind of symbiosis,
we’re perceived as being in direct competition with each other.
Weaken the men, you’ll strengthen the women.

The only problem is, in the entire history of the world, that has
never worked. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Strengthen the men,
you’ll empower the women. Provide men an economic system they can access.
Create peace, prosperity, freedom, so they can create, innovate, build
families, communities.

Kind of ironic, but feminism itself was born of the upper classes, mostly
in America and England, not because women were horribly oppressed, but
because for the first time in the history of mankind, women had enough
free time and economic security to ponder the nature and structure of society.
To this day, feminism resonates more with the privileged and so called educated.
Minorities and the economic lower classes tend to suffer the effects of feminism
a bit like the collateral damage of failed policies.

So Mr. President, where’s that fatherhood initiative you promised? Where’s that
youth employment plan for young men? Where’s your mentorship program? Six years
in and we’ve gotten “free” birth control, gay marriage, and something that sure
looks like the edge of complete economic disaster.