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I love biology because it is the study of life, of regeneration, of renewal.
It is also the study of Creation. People are wonderfully and fearfully made
in so many ways. The blood/brain barrier is simply amazing. Our brains are
protected from the vast majority of contaminants, bacteria, viruses, toxins,
in ways the rest of our bodies are not. Brain disorders fascinate me
because they have a physical component, but they also have a
psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspect to them.

Biology extends so far beyond reproduction the implications are really
quite staggering. Civilization itself has been structured around biology
and the interactions between men and women. Our bodies heal better
when we honor our biology. Interpersonal relationships work better
when we honor our biology. Marriages are more successful when we
recognize our biology. Children thrive better when we honor biology.
All of our dinking around with gender, with genetically modified foods,
with cloning, with DNA manipulation, has far reaching consequences we
haven’t even begun to understand. Just the simple changes in technology
and the way we no longer physically work our bodies is taking a tremendous
toll on us.

A frequent criticism I get from atheists, (and even some Christians) is,
“She thinks biology is God, donja know.” Not at all, I think biology proves
God’s existence, but biology alone is not God. People are ruled by biology in ways
that are actually a bit disturbing. We really are animals and operate on instinctual
levels we aren’t even aware of, but we are so much more, too.

The accusation that I believe “biology is God” coming from atheists is kind of amusing.
If God is not real, than it stands to reason that biology better become your god. Without God,
biology is all you are. You are nothing more than evolutionary psychology and little biological
impulses in your brain. You exist only as the cumulation of years of biological evolution which
now rules and manipulates all your behavior. In fact, since there is no God, there can be no
actual “you.” In a godless universe, any perceptions you have of yourself are simply figments of
your own imagination, holograms you’ve created to justify your own existence. Try to just ignore
the fact that the need to justify your own existence is a bit illogical. Justify your own existence
to Whom?

Don’t feel bad, Susan Blackmore came to this same conclusion in her book,
“Dying to Live: Science and the Near-death Experience” and she has a PhD. She really does believe
we are figments of our own imagination. When we die, the “death” of our imaginary egos is so painful to us,
that our brains misfire and release pleasant endorphins that mislead us into believing we’re having a near
or after death experience. But why? What she fails is to address is why evolution would design our brains
with a type of anesthesia that makes death more pleasant then it is, that provides us some comfort at the
end of our lives. Who the heck cares if our death is comfortable or not, we’re going to die anyway! We will
no longer serve a purpose in the reproductive equation. We could go out kicking and
screaming, into the abyss of eternal blackness, for all evolution cares.

It strikes me as incredibly irrational, but predictably human, that we would be trying so hard to
move society towards a more secular world, while mocking and ridiculing the significance of biology.
Gender is just a social construct, embryos are not human life, DNA should be manipulated, the nature
of life itself, the very building blocks of our own essences, can be greatly improved on. By humans.
Because we’re just that good, that intelligent, almost like gods in fact.

We seem to have completely forgotten Who designed the equation, Who it belongs to, and Who owns the
intellectual property rights. We are not figments of our own imaginations and neither is God. Willingly
or unwillingly, we all get to learn this for ourselves at some point. The only say we have in the matter
is whether we do it sooner or later.

Life is so beautiful, God is so incredible, and in spite of all our human silliness, we are so loved
it is beyond anything we can even imagine, not because of who we are but because of who He is. We are
His and He holds the intellectual property right to us all.