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Perception really does have a way of becoming reality,
almost like a self fulfilling prophecy. What you seek you will find. What
most of us tend to seek are things that validate our own world view. We can
all experience the same thing and yet pull out completely different details.

Mediated reality is when the media games us, pushes those buttons in
an attempt to shape our perceptions and lead us in the direction they wish us to go.
They have the power to bypass our critical thinking skills and to hit us on an emotional
level. When it comes to tragedies like the one in Santa Barbara yesterday, they are down
right quick. It’s unfortunate because it exploits our natural human instincts to look for
answers, to make sure it never happens again, to rationalize, to reason, to point fingers and
figure out who to blame. Wisdom doesn’t enter into the picture, it’s all about finding
a quick fix to alleviate our grief, to restore our sense of safety.

So, immediately we went into gun control mode. Then the feminists declared this was evidence
that all men are potential predators, all women are prey. The MRA’s blamed feminism,
the Right blamed Hollywood liberals, the Left blamed rabid Right wingers, and the
anti-Semitic blamed Jews. The politicians could hardly get a word in edge wise, but I’m
pretty sure they’ll suggest more limitations on our freedoms and a new tax.

Let me in on the game. I’ll tell you why these kinds of tragedies really happen.
It’s because we here in the Western world have been taught to go looking for external
solutions to fill that dark void we all have, whether it be through money, BMW’s, sex,
social status, drugs, alcohol, psychiatric care, meds. The more external things we pour
into that abyss however, the more we hurt, the more frustrated we become. Eventually,
what you seek, you will destroy. It is inevitable, it is predictable, and it is always
quite tragic.

Young people are especially vulnerable. They do not have any resources to draw on. They
grow up in a world that sells them sex 24/7 as the means and the end, as validation
for who they are, as their entire identity. Success in the Western world is defined as
sexuality, social status, and money. Ultimately none of those things are fulfilling,
they do not feed that hunger we all have inside of us, that desire for intimacy with each
other and a relationship with our Creator. They are external fixes for an internal ache.

Our media has a way of presenting the world as an ever more dangerous place, as crime and
violence increasing. Statistics prove this to be a deception. Crime has actually be steadily
declining. The worst violent school tragedy in our history was the Bath school disaster…in 1927.
There really is nothing new under the sun. It’s all been done before, witnessed before, and
grieved over.

This macabre dance we’re all in, it’s been around for a long time. It’s the
politics of hell.