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No Violet, biology is not God. Biology however, is Science, registered trademark, the study of an observable reality.
Biology is a passion of mine, because life, babies, reproduction, regeneration, the biology of love. Good stuff. Women in general happen to have a pretty heavy investment in the biological equation, whether we acknowledge it or not. To make matters more complicated, there appears to be a biological imperative that tends to wrap the female of the species in these little bubbles of bliss. It’s part of our design. If we were continuously aware of the hard, cold, realities of biology, we’d likely withdraw our participation entirely. Seriously, there is no rational, well reasoned argument to be made for falling in love, for sacrificing our bodies to pregnancy, for risking our lives in child birth, for bringing kids into this world, kids that are not cost effective, that will in fact, make our own survival even more difficult.

You can see evidence of that biological blind spot in women who sometimes discover they are pregnant and call it an accident. Here we are in the year 2014 and we still have trouble understanding how babies are made! There are no “accidents”, nobody is impregnated from tripping off the sidewalk.

You can also see that inability to fully comprehend the role of biology, in women who are in abusive relationships with broken men. Our brains will make every possible excuse for bad behavior, in fact we’ll attempt to bend the nature of reality itself, just to convince ourselves that the situation is salvageable. That’s a nesting skill. We need order in the chaos. If a man, a part of the biological equation, is not in a protective role but rather a destructive one, it yanks women’s biological chain. We will reason, rationalize, deny, and stay in a dangerous situation for far longer than is wise. People of both genders have a hard time processing two opposing ideas that are both true at the same time. Our brains struggle against it. In Christianity we call it the flesh versus our higher selves. Biology versus reason. Love versus common sense.

My favorite example of that biological bubble of bliss at work, happens in labor and delivery. Childbirth is incredibly uncomfortable,  often extremely painful, and if you witness it enough, you will learn all sorts of bad words you never even knew existed. There is a phenomenon that is so common you start to notice a pattern. After 20 hours of screaming, breathing, and begging for somebody to kill them, once a baby is born, most women say something along the lines of, “well, now, that wasn’t so bad!” If you are on the outside looking in, this emotional disconnect from the physical trauma of the last 20 hours is kind of startling. All those hormones start to flood the brain and wrap mothers in a bubble of bliss. “Child birth is awesome, what a gentle thing, I can hardly wait to do it again!” Yeah right. Women are cruising on an oxytocin high that would make a drug addict envious. That is actually a very intelligent design and when something goes awry in the hormonal soup, we wind up with things like post partum depression and psychosis.

The conflict between that female imperative to deny biology, to deny observable reality versus well, observable reality, is what caused me to reject feminism, liberal politics, and the entire progressive agenda. It didn’t happen over night, it was a process, fueled by observing this continuous and relentless complete denial of anything to do with biology. Gender is a social construct? No, it isn’t. Gender is not found in a bottle of hormones or a few T shots. Women are equal to men? Uh, no, not if “equal” has anything to do with size, strength, reproduction, the way our brains work, or how we perceive the world. All PIV is rape? Woah, wait a minute here..

The truth is, whether by intelligent design or many years of random evolution, we are biological units, tied to the rest of the Earth’s biology. While we are cloning sheep and splicing genes, and genetically modifying our food, I’m freaking out because nobody ever seems to ask if taking human biology into account might be kind of important! I mean, what could possible go wrong here, right?

People are free to believe in whatever they like. I happen to be a Christian and I believe God has intellectual property rights over us. We are His Creation. At some point we will cross a line or perhaps we already have, and He will come back to reclaim what is His. This design, these biological laws, serve a purpose, they are not random rules passed out by an authoritarian dictator designed to make us miserable, they are a carefully orchestrated symphony to help us thrive. Our desire to recreate the world in our own image probably began in the Garden of Eden and has continued like the endless march towards destruction that it is.

When it comes to gay marriage do we ever pause and ask, I wonder how this will impact the economy? Relationships between men and women? The law? Children? Freedom, the rights of the other 90% of the population that is not gay? Hey, who cares, I want, I want, I want, so stop oppressing me. And you’re a bigot! What we want as individuals is not and never should have become, the whole story. Women’s reproductive freedom? What we want as individuals should never have become the whole story. Healthcare for all, I mean the forced purchasing in insurance by people who can’t afford it? Our individual desires should never have been allowed to become the whole story. Smashing the patriarchy? Our individual wants and desires should never have become the whole story.

Women were deliberately created, perhaps to question the very nature of creation itself. That does seem to be our thing. However, we always seem to forgot that we do have these blind spots, these biological bubbles of bliss, and this never ending issue with pride. Men of course, have their own set of unique problems, but women are half the human race…..and we gave birth to the other half. Our influence on the world is nothing to sneer at. It strikes me as incredibly ironic that we spend so much time trying to project our own issues, needs, wants, onto the rest of world and we can’t even see our own selves for what we are, blissfully unaware of our own natures.