All Is Vanity


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I should write an earnest post, something about string theory or the alleged random order of chaos or how time is not linear or some such nonsense. Or we could have yet another adventure in circular logic, perhaps a theological food fight over atheism.

Politics are always good for a laugh. Then there’s psychology, spiritual growth for the unspirited and spirited alike, those with souls and those who vehemently deny having souls at all. The ego and the ID?

How about a trip through the Celestine Prophecies or the human subconscious? Greek philosophers? Poets? Carl Jung? Artificial intelligence, the singularity, defining the collective consciousness of mankind? Technology versus biology?

I love all these things, how the perceptions of others can be woven through all the variables, until they start to tell a story of their very own. I enjoy the brain teasers that can trap you and the rabbit holes that can distract you, but all these intellectual pursuits are just that, vanity. They are no more significant then my love for hot running water and fuzzy pajamas.

This striving for the wind that we all engage in used to make me sad. The idea that all is vanity felt depressing. It doesn’t anymore. Once the mysteries within Ecclesiastes begin to reveal themselves, there’s something quite beautiful written in there. When nothing really matters, everything starts to matter and it’s a bit like falling in love, because you become aware of what a wonderful playground we live in, a place that sets us free to live our lives in a way that eventually tells a story, that transforms each one of us into a love song.

We get to chose the story we write, so each day becomes a matter of deciding which vainglorious pursuits we wish to engage in. It’s what’s written on the tablet of your heart that goes with you.

What is crooked cannot be made straight,  and what is lacking cannot be counted…..For in much wisdom is much vexation,……and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.



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