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I don’t speak of victory nearly as much as I should. Victory is defined as  “success or triumph over an enemy in battle or war.” The battle I speak of is mostly an emotional and spiritual one.

You learn a few things when you’re smaller, weaker, and have less power. I suppose that’s very un-PC to say. Women these days are supposed to be able to drop kick men twice their size in elevators while wearing a cat suit and heels. I like that imagery very much. Life would be a whole lot simpler if you could just kick people in the teeth and go get ice cream. Awesome! But not reality, unfortunately.

What women often have to do to survive is what is sometimes referred to as “swallowing bitter.” Sucking it up. Finding alternative ways of fighting back. Sometimes unhealthy ways, sometimes passive aggressive ways. The problem with swallowing bitter all the time is that it will eventually make you sick. Women are incredibly resilient, flexible emotionally like we are flexible in our bodies, both of which are innate qualities that often exceed those of men.

One thing that always impresses me about women is our great courage, a courage that often appears to defy all reason. Women are insanely bold, we have to be. It’s not bluster, either, it’s genuine courage. There may well be some men who are envious of our courage, who mock and ridicule women and call us stupid. Ironically it is that same “stupidity” and courage, that leads us to stubbornly and persistently love men, often against all reason, all logic, all experience, all common sense. Watch what you say about the “self delusion and stupidity of women,” that same superpower is what leads us to believe in the higher selves of men, even when we walk in a world where the evidence of men even having higher selves is rarely available to us.

I suppose it’s kind of a kick in the stomach to male pride to suggest that women can actually teach you a couple of things about life, like what genuine courage actually looks like and the fact that you have higher selves at all. Obviously I am very dedicated to walking on eggshells and being careful not to offend male pride… wait, I seem to be confusing myself with somebody else.

Victory often involves learning that there is strength in weakness, that in our brokenness we often find ourselves, that power does not necessarily come from might making right. Women can be quite good at being completely flattened and down for the count…and still managing to figure out how to get back up and achieve victory. You see women do this over and over again in our daily lives.

Now atheists may wish to stop reading because I am simply incapable of separating Christ’s love from anything at all. There is incredible personal victory to be found in Christ, healing, mercy, redemption, renewal, grace. Strength in gentleness, power in surrender. The transformative power of the Holy Spirit is an amazing thing to witness, He can take shame,  failures, and transform them into gifts, give you beauty for ashes, exchange sweet oils for mourning. God is all about love and healing and transformation. Read the book, it explains everything.

Christ is all about victory, not defeat. Paradoxically however, one often must be defeated before they can ever know what victory truly is.

It’s no accident that women are heavily spotlighted in the bible, various aspects of ourselves, our strengths and weakness revealed in the characters portrayed all throughout the bible. The fact that we are there at all, preserved after all these years, is quite miraculous and says something about our importance to the kingdom. The fact that the enemy targeted us first in the Garden and seeks to target us so frequently today, says a great deal about our worth and value to God. How do you try and hurt God? Go after the women He created.

Women have been given certain gifts, not to use to dominate or rule over men, but gentle gifts of wisdom and grace….and sometimes a wicked right hook but we won’t go into that right now.

Women don’t respond well to ridicule, mockery, and shame. If you don’t believe me, look at the state of the world today. Shame us and we will multiple and reflect that all over the place. Push us too far, and we’ll just embrace the blasted thing and run with it. We respond best to the transformative power Christ’s love, which is why I suppose that is how He always chose to relate to us in the bible. There is nothing wimpy or submissive about that kind of love, in fact, it’s the most powerful thing the world has ever known. That is the kind of power that men are capable of projecting in the world.

So, to my little brothers in the gaming-cult of pseudo Christians, it’s actually victory I wish to see you achieve. Victory is NOT obsessing over the sins of Eve, as Dalrock has chosen to do today, nor is it offering yourself up as a kind of sarcastic male prostitute who sells fear to women, as Vox Day on Alpha Game Blog has chosen to do today. Both of those things are the stance of wounded and broken men who do not know the Christ they claim to serve.


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