Dispelling Myths


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You’re cognitively impaired, aren’t you?….

Yes. Emotionally constipated is so over done these days,
I thought I’d try something new.

You think women are inferior to men….

Absolutely, deliciously, wonderfully inferior! Especially when the septic
tank needs to be pumped. Or the garbage taken out. Or the oil changed in the car.
Also, if I’m ever on trial, I fully intend to claim a deep seated inferiority
complex, so it’s like having a built in defense ahead of time.

You hate sex…

Obviously. This is blog about biology and relationships between men and women of a purely  platonic sort. No hanky panky, ever. Especially disgraceful is marital sex, because it  causes the couple unnecessary angst as they look down at college kids casually hooking  up and have the urge to whisper to them, “you don’t know what you’re missing. Heck, you  don’t even know what you’re looking for!” People who do that should be ashamed of themselves.

You’re a wealthy white male, aren’t you?….

No, I self-identify as a dragon. Check your privilege, stop dragon hate!
No, not wealthy, not male, and not quite white. A bit more brownish like a latte. I’d
print you out a full genetic profile, but they’re kind of expensive.

You have a sad and pathetic life..

No yet so sad and pathetic that I spend my time accusing others of having a pathetic life.  That really is sad and pathetic.

You’re crazy!!…

You’re redundant!! You might want to check in the mirror, you’ve just spent 45 minutes  trying to argue with a random stranger named insanitybytes22. Isn’t that a bit like watching a  dog chase it’s tail for 15 minutes and then thinking you’re now qualified to accuse the dog of being  easily amused?

You’re a troll..

Depends on your definition of a troll. Do I like to challenge people’s pre-conceived notions  and embedded perceptions of reality? Yes. Do I do it for the purpose of disrupting your blog? No.  I value debate, critical thinking skills, and the sharing of ideas. Do I wish you blogging success  no matter how much I may disagree with you? Yes, I’m a big fan of free speech. But if I have to  be perceived as a troll, can I be Shrek’s girlfriend Fiona? Fiona is cool AND she  has a dragon.


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