The Shortest Day


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I have the hardest time lightening up. For those that don’t know, my mood often matches the weather, which at the moment is dark, damp, and deeply cynical. It’s the Winter solstice today, so from here on out we will at least be making progress on the daylight front.

Something that does amuse me, our friends down under are having Christmas in the midst of summer, as if that were the most normal thing in the world, which actually it is. There were not a lot of pine needles and cedar bows during that first Christmas, not much snow in that neck of the woods, and pretty much none of the things that we typically associate with Christmas. I suspect our traditional Christmas sights and smells were created to comfort and compensate Northerners for our crappy weather.

I have door nobs now. That is a bit funny. After 30 years of kids and cheap hollow core doors, we slowly started losing door nobs to wear, and I would pick up the pieces and hide them in drawers. I’ve been doing this for years. For some reason, hubby came home the other day with a bag of new door nobs and now we are real people with real handles on all our doors once again.

Bears really have the right idea. They simply sleep through these dark days and then wake up and gorge themselves with much feasting that lasts for weeks. Hibernating, I like the whole concept.



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