“Women Against Feminism”


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Sometimes, when I get bored hiding out in my secret underground bunker pondering the nature of reality and watching the decline of Western civilization, I just have to put down my can of spam, crawl out, and go looking for a lighthearted diversion. I need entertainment, amusement. Always sure to deliver is popular culture, especially internet culture.

So, there’s this three way drama going on with Women Against Feminism in which girls take photos of themselves holding up placards where they declare, “this is why I’m not a feminist.” Sounds reasonable, but oh no, unless you’re familiar with both feminism and the world of women, something like this is not going to go unnoticed. Or unpunished. Thou shall not ever question the dogma. Feminism can be a bit cultish and your participation is viewed as somewhat mandatory. A lot of those women are likely taking some serious hits right now, mostly from feminists. In case no one noticed, women can be a bit totalitarian sometimes. I’ll bet they’re also taking some hits from men, the feminist kind, the pointlessly sleezy kind, and the outright woman haters. It is what it is.

The second player in this little drama is the manosphere, a diverse and mixed bag, some nice and quite pleasant to be around, some wounded and broken, and some who simply revel in their own vulgarity and deep seated resentment of women. The later group can be identified by their constant declarations of female sea worthy-ness or C-worthyness, if you get my drift. These guys are not just an unfortunate argument FOR feminism, they’re a blasted argument for the importance of preserving the Second amendment.

The third player in this tangled web is, Confused Cats Against Feminism, a rather gentle and humorous attempt to mock and ridicule Women Against Feminism. Confused Cats is the brain child of We Hunted the Mammoth on wordpress, David Futrelle’s blog, which he uses primarily to call out some pretty flagrant misogyny in the manosphere. (I’d post an active link to the Mammoth, but his site appears to be under attack at the moment and I can’t access it.) I just want to say that even though I may be an anti-fem, I enjoy his sense of humor and his cats are cute. I don’t agree with much else the man has to say, but I don’t have to, his kindness and his sense of humor are enough.

And that folks, is the moral soup I take away from this little drama, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, kindness goes a long way, and I hate bullies and cowards. When we’re fighting our culture wars it would be nice if we could use a little human decency and remember that we’re talking to real live human beings and that we all have the right to disagree.

I’ll now return to my can of spam and continue to ponder the impending economic collapse….


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